Biological Recording

Submitting biological records and viewing species distribution maps.

If you have any biological records from the Highland Area, please send them to the Highland Biological Recording Group (HBRG) at the addresses below, or through the HBRG Website.

The HBRG and many other organisations upload the biological records that they hold onto the National Biodiversity Network website.

All records are free to view at



Distribution of the Mountain Hare Lepus timidus in Highland. Blue <2000, green 2000-2012

Highland Biological Recording Group

The Highland Biological Recording Group was established in 1986 to:

  • stimulate public interest and involvement in biological recording;
  • collect data on Highland wildlife through surveys;
  • publish the results in an annual newsletter and special publications;
  • maintain a directory of local specialists and recorders;
  • transfer data to and from National Recording Schemes.

About Highland Biological Recording Group

Our geographical base is the Highland Council local authority area, which extends from the north coast of Scotland to Lochaber and the Cairngorms and includes Skye and the Small Isles.

• The membership has enormous expertise in most aspects of natural history.
• We are keen to engage both members and the public at large in our work.
• We meet twice a year and organise summer field visits.
• We publish our newsletter ‘Highland Naturalist’ every spring.
• We publish atlases of wildlife in Highland (see
• We hold the Highland taxon dataset of nearly 190,000 records in 2013 (see
• We encourage recording of all wildlife in Highland, currently through TRY! The Recorder’s Year.
• We advise on how to record and reoprt wildlife (see
• We provide resources to help identification (
• We provide summaries of selected wildlife in Highland in Focus on Highland Wildlife (

The HBRG may be contacted by e-mailing enquiries or membership.  Records may be sent to records.  Information on joining HBRG is available by clicking here.

Highland Environment Forum

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