Cromarty Fisheries Trust

Contact name: Lynn McKelvey
Mobile number: 07428189161
Location: Rivers/burns/lochs and ponds.
Time period : All year round
Training : Training and support provided.



Volunteering opportunities:

Scottish Mink Initiative
Location: Ross-Shire and Dornoch Firth regions

Be a part of the Scottish Mink Initiative (SMI) and volunteer to monitor a tracking pad and report any signs or sightings of mink.

Invasive Plant Clearance
Location: Rivers Conon, Peffery, Sgitheach, Alness and Contullich.

Work alongside Fishery staff to help clear Himalayan balsam along the banks of burns and rivers.
Time period: May-August
Training: Training provided.

Invasive plant monitoring
Location: River banks in Ross-Shire

To report the status of key invasive plants using new web tool.
Time period: May- September
Training: Training sheet provided.

Electro Fishing Surveys
Location: River systems in the Cromarty Firth region.

To work under the supervision of the Cromarty Firth fishery staff in the survey of fish populations, using electro fishing techniques.
Time period: June- September
Training: Full training will be given.

Trout Angling Catch Records
Location: Rivers and Lochs in the Cromarty Firth Region.

For anglers to volunteer throughout the region to report their trout catches and if possible to take scale samples. Catches to be recorded via website: Contact the Board for scale sample packets.

Time period: March-October
Training: Training given for taking scale samples

Rhododendron Clearance
Location: River Alness

Work alongside Cromarty Firth Fishery staff to clear, drag and burn rhododendron from the Alness river bank.
Time period: January- April
Training: Full training given.

Tree planting
Location: River banks within the Cromarty Firth region.
Work with Cromarty Firth Fishery staff planting native trees along river banks in the region.
Time period: February- April
Training: Full training provided.

River clean up days
Location: Rivers within the Cromarty Firth region.
Work alongside Fishery staff to clear rivers and bank sides of rubbish.
Time period: April – June.
Training: Gloves and bags provided

Highland Environment Forum

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