Flora Locale

Flora locale was established in 1998 as an independent charity to promote and advance the conservation and enhancement of native wild plant populations and plant communities. 

They work with land owners and land managers in the public, charitable and private sectors to deliver large-scale good quality habitat restoration and conservation projects using native wild plants, shrubs, trees (and natural regeneration if appropriate).  We empower community groups and individuals to restore wild plant communities in shared open spaces. The emphasis of our work is to encourage good practice among suppliers, land managers and plant specifiers.

Flora Locale runs a training programme created for people involved in the design management and restoration of landscapes for biodiversity, whether on a farm, smallholding, village green or garden. Improve your wildflower id skills or learn how to introduce woodland wildflowers into new woods. 

At present they only have a few courses in Scotland - but many of their UK opportunities are specialised enough that they could be worth the travel time. They also offer bespoke training to groups and organisations.

Highland Environment Forum

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