A Framework for Biodiversity in Highland

Download A Framework for Biodiversity in Highland (350k pdf)

This Framework summarises the biodiversity resource of Highland and outlines an approach to working on biodiversity. The actions within it are for discussion and seek not only to conserve Highland’s biodiversity and raise awareness of its benefits, but also to maximise its social and economic value in a sustainable way.

It is a Framework to help spell out some of the key issues for Highland. It is not comprehensive - no document of this size could be, but it aims to identify the key issues, to provoke discussion about what is important, and to help form agreement on what needs to be done. Not everything requires funding, a lot can be done with better understanding, co-operation and voluntary effort. Bringing new resources to this area will however ensure that the legacy of this project is not a series of sterile plans stuck on a shelf, but practical benefits for all.

Highland Environment Forum

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