Invasive Species

The Highland Invasive Species Forum defines Invasive Species as those that are not native to the Highlands and damage native biodiversity. Viruses, bacteria, etc, were not considered, as they fall under the remit of animal health and have considerable resources targeted at them.

It was agreed that the group would prioritise action on those non-native species that are most damaging to biodiversity.

The group first met in June 2008 and at this meeting, its aims were agreed to be to:

  • bring together the key players and take stock of the situation regarding invasive non-native species in Highland
  • raise awareness and spread good practice
  • identify any major gaps and prioritise key areas for future work
  • and work together to secure new resources and funding.

Invasive Species Group/ Forum Meeting Notes



Notes of Sub Group Meetings

A sub-group was tasked with:


Four leaflets raise awareness of some of the key invasive non-native species in Highland. To download these documents click on the links on the right hand side.


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