Local Nature Reserves

Local Nature Reserves (LNRs) are:

  • Places to enjoy and learn more about local wildlife or geology.
  • LNRs can be found near city centres, on the coast, or in the countryside.
  • To designate them they must have the support of the local community and the owner or owners of the site.
  • LNRs do not need to have rare species on them but they do need to be valued by the local community.


Merkinch LNR

This was the 50th LNR to be designated in Scotland and the first in the Highlands. It was designated in October 200


7. So far it is the only LNR in the Highlands. See http://www.merkinchlnr.org.uk/ . Its designation has raised the profile and awareness of this great area for wildlife in the north of Inverness. The local community (and the Reserve) has benefitted from path improvements, interpretation, habitat managment and an increase in the number of events held on the site.





Examples of the information and reports required for designation.

Information required to designate an LNR.

Site Selection Statement.

Reserve Management Statement

Report to Highland Council.


Further Information

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