Shock at proposal to turn Coul Links into a golf course

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The Scottish Wildlife Trust have expressed their concern at the proposal to turn Coul Links near Embo in Sutherland into a golf course.

Their Chief Exexcutive Jonny Hughes, who was warden at the then SWT Loch Fleet  reserve in the 1990s said:

"It’s difficult to explain to those that haven’t visited the links what an exceptional stretch of unspoiled coastline this is. I’ve personally recorded Scottish wildcat, breeding little terns and rare plants such as coralroot orchid on the site.

This is a Site of Special Scientific Interest, an EU Special Protection Area for birds and one of the few remaining stretches of coastline around the Dornoch Firth retaining a wild landscape feel.

"In spring, the habitat is so alive with the song of curlews, skylarks and oystercatchers it’s hard to sleep at night. And not forgetting ‘the little things that run the world’ the SSSI is home to a plethora of rare insects including moths, ants, two-winged flies and lacewings which live on Coul Links and almost nowhere else in the British Isles.

"Allowing another sand dune SSSI to go the way of the benighted Trump development at Menie Links would be an unforgiveable and tragic loss of a protected area. The Scottish Wildlife Trust will do all it can to ensure this special place is protected for future generations."

Find out more about the proposal, and what you can do to try and stop it going ahead on the SWT website.

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