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The Highland Seashore Project has produced a number of published materials over the life of the project.

The Top 20 Common Species Identification Sheets

Mike kendall has put together a top 20 identification sheet of the common shore species for the Highlands. It is available as a PDF for free download here.


User Friendly Seashore Guide by James Merryweather (Available only through retail at

Book CoverUser-Friendly Seashore Guide is a book, specially prepared to serve the needs of the Highland Seashore Biodiversity Project, 2013-2015 providing an intermediate-grade identification kit suitable for seashore enthusiasts around Britain. Obtain your copy of the book at Amazon HERE.

Updates to the 2013 and 2014 editions have been collated in THIS DOWNLOAD available here for free.

PDF Guides




Online Identification Guides

There are a number of guides and keys available online and for download. 

Key to main Polychaete families from the Natural History Museum. This key deals with only the main benthic families.

The Seashell Survey  The Buglife Scottish Seashell Survey is a fun way to learn about the natural world, while helping to collect useful information about the species that live around our coasts.

The Big Seaweed Search  Seaweeds are easy to find and occur all around the UK coastline. There are a staggering 650 seaweed species in the UK, around 7% of the world’s species.

Scientists think that the effects of climate change and the spread of invasive species are starting to have an effect on where they are found but they need more information to be sure.

This is where you can help. Identify the seaweeds you spot on the UK's coast and send the information  to the Seaweed Search. This will help researchers from the British Phycological Society and Natural History Museum to find out what is happening to our seaweeds.

Barnacle Guide, collated by Mike Kendall. Plymouth Marine Laboratory

There are around 12 species of acorn barnacle that occur in UK waters and around a further 20 goose barnacles. Five acorn barnacles are commonly encountered on the shores of the Highlands.  Field Guide to Intertidal Barnacles


Some websites


British Phycological Society   &

Marlin (The Marine Life Information Network)  


The Seaweed Site: Information on marine algae  

Seashore Life Posters

The Highland Seashore Project is proud to launch a series of posters for download from this web site as PDFs. The posters have been created by James Merryweather, using high quality photographs of some of the coasts most stunning wildlife and landscapes. 







DOWNLOAD                                                                DOWNLOAD







DOWNLOAD                                                                DOWNLOAD






DOWNLOAD                                                                DOWNLOAD









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